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What we Offer:

We have learned that by visiting each destination and making personal contacts with whom we can work closely, we are able to provide an unequalled personal service to our clients.

We know the churches where Irish couples can get married and the priests who will marry them. In the case of civil wedding ceremonies, we have contacts in the local registry offices and the officials in town halls. We will advise the proper procedures for our couples to follow to ensure that all weddings are fully recognised in the eyes of the law here in Ireland.


Our Wedding Service:

  • We organise the wedding ceremony, we will co-ordinate with the priest or the registrars office to plan the date and time to suit each couple.
  • We provide assistance with the legal & church documentation that needs to be completed by each couple.
  • We organise transportation, accommodation, transfers and everything related to the travel arrangements for the couple and any family or friends who might be travelling to the wedding.
  • We organise the wedding reception.
  • We arrange flowers, photography, church & reception music, wedding cake and any other ancillaries required to make the wedding day complete.

What we do:

Because we have visited each wedding destination we know where to source the best of everything at the very best prices, and if we don’t know ourselves we have the contacts on the ground in each resort to help us source the best!

We ask to meet with each couple individually because we believe that every wedding is so personal and so special that one brochure or website is not adequate to meet the special needs of every couple. In the years of organising weddings abroad we realise that every wedding is different and unique. Many hours of work and planning go into making every wedding as special as the one before. Because we meet the couple face to face, at least once, we get to know them and they get to know us. We build up a special relationship and the couple know that they can turn to us in relation to every aspect of their wedding.

  • Weddings take at least five months to plan properly.
  • The Priest or registrars office is contacted and a wedding date set. This can be done up to two years in advance if the couple so wish. Most dates are set at least a year in advance and some as late as five months in advance.
  • The wedding venue is confirmed
  • The travel arrangements are completed for the bride and groom as soon as the wedding date is set.
  • As soon as the couple tell family and friends their travel arrangements are put in place. Often couples benefit from group discounts by booking the whole group together.
  • The options will be provided for all of the wedding services e.g. menus, photographer, flowers, music etc
  • Five – Six months prior to the wedding date the legal documents are prepared by the couple and the church papers completed by couple and sent to the relevant offices.
  • In the final two months the finer details are addressed and all the finishing touches put to the perfect wedding day.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a personalised, professional wedding service, offer excellent value for money and make the whole wedding event as uncomplicated and easy for the wedding couple as possible.
  • To provide the service to Irish couples in Ireland, so that couples know who they are dealing with rather than dealing with foreign companies.
  • Making the cost as transparent as possible without forcing couples to buy expensive packages. You tailor make your own package we simply listen to what our couples want and then create the perfect wedding package.
  • By co-ordinating the travel arrangements and all the wedding arrangements together we make organising easy.
  • To arrange flights & accommodation for the couples guests
  • To assist in planning and booking couples Honeymoons
  • To make your wedding day the happiest and most memorable day of your lives.


Weddings Abroad was set up to take the enormous cost out of wedding planning abroad. Different locations charge differently for services such as a hairdresser, beauty therapist, photographers, transfers, meals, florists, church music etc. We make all the bookings for you and let you pay directly either in advance or in resort.

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most important and special days of your life. It is also an expensive time and with this in mind you will want to make sure your special day is fully protected.

Our charging system is simple:

  • Weddings Abroad charge a set fee for organising your wedding day. If we use an overseas wedding planner for a venue there may be an extra charge, this will be advised at the time of booking.
  • We help prepare your legal documents and you send the required legal fee to the relevant office eg. €60 euro per person to the Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • There are fees due to the marriage registrars office in different countries. You will see on the forms what those charges are and you pay them directly.
  • You pay for your travel arrangements in the same transparent way as you would any holiday.
  • The priest requires a donation for carrying out the ceremony which varies from country to country. We will advise you of a recommended amount.
  • There are no hidden costs!


We can offer you complete peace of mind for this special day with our choice of insurance options.

Please contact us below for any further details!

What we Offer:

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