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Maldives ~ Honeymoon

So what to expect in the Maldives? Well be prepared for your first sight. This is Tropical island life Robinson Crusoe style! The airport itself lies on its own island approximately 1 mile from the capital of Male. Male is roughly 2 sq kms and is home to almost 80,000 of the 250,000 population. Life here seems busy, large tankers coming and going, fishermen in their “Dhoni” boats and speedboats whisking away tourists on arrival.

The Maldives comprises of just under 1,200 islands that are grouped into Atolls and are protected by surrounding coral reefs. The islands lie approximately 500kms off the coast of Sri Lanka and India and enjoy year round temperatures averaging 30C degrees.

The first western influences came from the Portuguese in the 16th century and held the nation for 15 ½ years before gaining independence. Then came the British Protectorate in 1887 before being proclaimed as a Republic in 1968. In the Maldives the main religion is Muslim and the local language is Dhivehi. The Rufiyaa is the local currency, although all prices and transactions in tourist islands are in U.S. Dollars.

From here on its total relaxation – Coconut Palms, warm Indian Ocean waters, coral reefs and sun-drenched white sand beaches. As most of the islands comprise of just one hotel, nightlife is not hectic. In fact Kuramathi, having 3 separate hotels, is as lively as it gets.

Our recommendation is to upgrade to the unique “Water Bungalows” irrespective of the resort you choose. This unique concept is a truly wonderful experience. Wake up each morning to the sound of the waves and start your day by a dip in to warm waters that surround your Bungalow. Depending on your choice of island, the sea-plane transfer is highly recommended as another unique experience. A trip to the capital of Male can be interesting and for those seeking some action, consider a deep sea fishing trip with the chance to catch the mighty Sailfish or Blue Marlin.

Maldives ~ Honeymoon

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